The clan of brothers
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 Canaidan Boys app

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PostSubject: Canaidan Boys app   Sun Nov 23, 2008 8:26 pm

Age? i am 12
Where are u from? canada what do u excpect??
How long do u play? um 1 yr, but i have potential
What is your ee2 name? IllBeYurCanadianBoy
Why u want to join us? because im tired of being solo and i have some freinds in the clan, and i dont want this clan to die
How did u find us?goober
How can u help us to be a good clan?im not bad in r-r and me and keis beat tox and alip, if i join the clan we wouild b e better at clan wars, i think
In what clans do u have been? none
Tell some stuff about yourself: i love sports, i study really hard but sports are my passion
Do u like the site? it could be lighter but its good
Is it easy to post?o.k
How did u find the site? goober/google
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Canaidan Boys app
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